Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Seven Dwarves - Sneezy

I picked "Sneezy" as my dwarf/mood of the day, because he's obviously the most off the wall, and it's Wednesday, so I need a little levity.

Also, I've felt like I've had an acre of grass clippings up my nose all day, and it's getting a little old - so I can kind of identify with poor Sneezy.

So. Things that make me Sneezy, and (bonus!) a few random nose stories, since I'm not allergic to anything, and this list will soon get boring and very short:

  • Bleach. Every time I clean my bathroom I sneeze like crazy. This kind of happens a lot, since I kind of have a clean fetish.
  • I was probably 8 years old the last time I stuck a marble up my nose. I think I had some vague recollection that it had been "fun" before, (in the way that squirming, sitting on your bathroom floor and desperately trying to get a large, round object out of a small nose can be fun... I guess.) At any rate, I think my schnoz had grown a bit since the last time I'd tried this trick - let's just say it ended with a combo of tweezers, pliers, my dad's strong hands, my mom threatening to go to the ER, and many tears on my part.
  • Laughing so hard that you get whatever you're drinking up your nose can be very painful. This summer, I did it to such an extreme in one instance, that the thought flashed across my mind: "You could die laughing. Just like this." It's a good way to go, I guess.
  • One time I caught a bug in my mouth and sneezed it out my nose. I feel like a 6th grader on the search for cool points, but it really happened. True story.
  • When other people get in sneezing fits, I get in hiccup fits, ALL THE TIME. But scaring me won't make it stop. I promise.
  • I've always been really grateful that I'm not allergic to dogs, cats, horses, grass, hay, open skies, sunshine, coffee, good books, Mexican food, candlelight, good-smelling soap, warm hugs, star-gazing, apple pie, Life cereal, rivers, daisies, the ocean, good exercise and wonderful people. Because I love all these things, and allergies would just mess it up.


Holli said...

what would be the allergic reaction to star-gazing I wonder?

Adam said...

I wouldn't like to meet someone who is allergic to sunshine and wonderful people. That would be one sad, pale person.

(And scaring her hicups away does work... she just doesn't want you to know that)