Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Seven Dwarves - Doc (and *bonus!* a little note to the men in our lives)

I picked Doc because I feel like I need a Doc right now. A heart Doc. I've been in the weirdest funk of needing people and pushing them away and being all around confusing to myself and everyone around me that I'm starting to get desperate.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so who better to call on than a self-proclaimed medical expert dwarf with sweet specs? EXACTLY. Thank you for agreeing.

My current problem is something that men in general don't understand. Sometimes, when girls cry, we don't need you to fix it. Sometimes we just need a hug and to be told that we're still cute, although we'll act offended when you first say it, of course.

Sometimes, we do need your wisdom, though. We won't tell which one we need at the moment, and for that, I'm sorry. In our moments of sanity, we understand that clear-cut communication would make life much easier for everybody. However, when we're crying (read: insane, or at last slightly tilted that direction,) we just want you to read our minds: hug us, give us surprises, advice, a smile, or whatever it is that we really want to make us feel better.

So maybe the Doc is really there for all men who have a girl in their life. So, basically, all men who aren't monks. He'll help you out, guys. He'll pull down his specs, give you a reassuring smile, hand you a flower, and say, "Go get her, tiger. Go dry her tears. Flowers are the trick - it worked for Snow White!"

And maybe it will. You never know... dwarves are pretty sharp like that.


Ashley N said...

I just had this conversation with some of my guy friends. They really didn't understand why we would complain about a problem if we didn't want them to fix it. We decided that they should ask, "do you want me to fix it? or just listen?"

Adam said...

But you can't ask that! It just makes it worse! You just have to shoot from the hip and hope that you hit the bullseye. And if that fails.... flowers.... lots of flowers.