Friday, August 31, 2007

100 things about me

The whole point of lists like this is to tell people things that they don't already know. Seeing as my best friends will probably be the ones reading this, that will be tricky. I'm sure you know most of this already, so hopefully I'm either entertaining enough to keep you reading, or it's just been a long day and you're bored. I'll take either one.
  1. Electronic publishing was one of the worst classes I took in college. I hated it. I mean, like fire-breathing hatred oozing from my pores. Now it's what I do for a living, and I actually enjoy it. Weird.
  2. Every morning, I drink about 4 cups of coffee, read my Bible, and journal in my little nook in the corner of the living room. Start the day off right.
  3. I really miss my punching bag.
  4. Daisies and Sunflowers are my favorite flowers.
  5. Early morning is my favorite time of day.
  6. I drink obscene amounts of coffee and Diet Coke daily... so much so that it's possible for me to have a splitting headache by 10 am if I'm deprived.
  7. I copy edit everything. Church bulletins, billboards, newspaper ads, emails from less grammar-crazy friends...
  8. Never thought I'd say this, but sometimes I really miss Texas.
  9. I knew I'd say this: I miss Oregon.
  10. I hate horror movies. Honestly, I really don't see the point.
  11. My favorite drink from Sonic is a Diet Vanilla Coke. Close second is a Strawberry Slushie. Sometimes I dream about it...
  12. When I've gone rock-climbing, coming down is way scarier than going up.
  13. I still like it, though.
  14. Horseback riding is probably my favorite thing in the world.
  15. Swimming in the ocean is a close second.
  16. I hate text-messaging talk. OMG! r u gonna b ther 2? ya! bff! lol! ur cool! i cant spell!
  17. I love country music.
  18. The Adobe CS3 package is probably one of the best things I've ever owned.
  19. My laptop's name is Clark.
  20. His Hard-Drive is "The Fortress of Barnitude" (If you don't get this, you should watch Smallville and than read Television Without Pity. Fantastic.)
  21. My removable HD is named Mac Daddy (aka Bo Duke)
  22. My Flash Drive is named Sneaky Pete (are you getting the sense of theme, here?)
  23. I name everything, even things that aren't technically mine.
  24. My pick-up's name is Rocky.
  25. My iPod shuffle's name is Mickey, because he's my trainer/work-out buddy. He's never told me that I'm an Italian Monster, but we're workin' on it. Baby steps.
  26. My phone's name is Enrique. I'll stop with the names, now, as you either already know all of this, or are incredibly bored, or both.
  27. I lived with my best friends for almost 3 years in college.
  28. I hate brussels sprouts. It's the only veggie that I can honestly say I despise.
  29. I have a Superman fetish.
  30. I'm a great kisser.
  31. But a horrible test-taker. However, all things considered, I'd rather be the former. ;)
  32. Three Musketeers is my favorite candy bar.
  33. Followed closely by Baby Ruth.
  34. I love Golden Spoon frozen yogurt.
  35. I spent a semester in Oxford, UK.
  36. My biggest regret from that semester was never going to Austria and Germany.
  37. I've never been to New York, but I can't wait to go.
  38. That goes for DC, too.
  39. Speaking of DC, I have a song named after me. Well, not really, but I'll claim it anyway...
  40. I love Philadelphia.
  41. I'm a good cook, but not as good as my mom.
  42. I love pictures, but I never remember to actually take them.
  43. I love hiking/backpacking/camping/adventuring.
  44. I've wanted to buy a kayak since I first went down the river. I still don't have one, and it's getting rather desperate.
  45. I'm currently co-leading a hip-hop event called the Son of Man Soul Jam.
  46. It's kinda taking over my life.
  47. I'm scared of riding bikes. I haven't ridden one since I was 14 or so.
  48. I hate bananas plain, but I like them chopped up on cereal or baked into things.
  49. My favorite store is Nordstrom Rack.
  50. Close second is REI or Barnes and Noble
  51. I love Lucky Jeans. They are the only jeans I will pay over 30 bucks a pair for... and they're worth every penny.
  52. I've wanted a Spyderco knife for years, and I finally got one this spring.
  53. Which I almost lost a couple of months later. I bounced over a large rock in an old pick-up with some Wranglers in Training in the back... oh, never mind. Anyways, thanks again for finding it, Adam.
  54. I'm addicted to Craigslist. "A desk for $25 in Fullerton!? No way!" It's garage-sale-ing for the 21st century.
  55. I was in AWANA as a kid, and I still remember many of the verses.
  56. I took piano as a kid, too. Too bad that didn't stick quite as well...
  57. My first mare was a tiny 15-year-old Quarter Horse/Arab cross named Majesty. Whoever named her had an ironic sense of humor, because she was short and fat and not majestic at all. Good horse though.
  58. My two favorite books of all time are Les Miserables and Jane Eyre
  59. I love magazines. I love looking at their page lay-outs, reading their articles, critiquing their designs, editing their copy, paying their ridiculous newsstand prices and imagining myself on their staffs.
  60. My favorite magazines are Real Simple, Backpacker, Equus, and Los Angeles.
  61. My hair is not that thick, but whenever I use bobby pins to hold it I have to use about eleventy-jillion. Okay, so maybe more like 50, but still. One time I made the mistake of wearing my hair that way through an airport... I would've probably been better off to put a bloody Koran and a bomb in my pockets.
  62. I know how to operate most tractors. I have also gotten several stuck, but that's a story for another day.
  63. I don't know how to drive an ATV. Or a motorcycle. I'm not opposed to learning, though.
  64. I love popsicles.
  65. I hate having a dirty car.
  66. Or a dirty kitchen.
  67. I love sending and receiving Snail Mail.
  68. I love playing cards and board games with my friends.
  69. Probably my favorite is Speed Scrabble - especially with a House 9-esque twist. :)
  70. Robin Hood is my favorite cartoon. I love the hotttt fox.
  71. I just snowboarded for the first time this March. Actually, let me re-phrase that. I strapped a wide piece of plastic to my feet and careened down a snowy mountain, causing large amounts of bruised-ness to my rear and soreness to my limbs, for the first time this March.
  72. I hope someday to write a book. It's currently in progress.
  73. I love poetry.
  74. When I was little, my dad would read stories to my brother and I, and he always changed his voice for each character. One time he got so into it with a gravelly old man voice that he made his real voice hoarse for a day or two.
  75. I've worked in Christian camps, horse-based and otherwise, for a total of 5 years. 4 as a cabin leader, 3 as a worship leader, 4 as a wrangler, 1 as a program director, 2 as a horse instructor.
  76. I love working on a ranch. It's hard and satisfying in a way that few things are.
  77. Someday I want to own my own coffee house.
  78. I did own a drive-thru coffee place as a teenager. It was called "Dani's Coffee Cottage" and was probably the best job I've ever had.
  79. I am Eowyn of Rohan.
  80. Leading worship is one of my passions.
  81. Star-gazing is an under-rated and awesome activity.
  82. When I worked in downtown LA for the Times, I walked about 10 blocks every day at lunch-time to go to Subway. Every day, someone commented on why the hell I would do such a thing when the over-priced and bad-smelling cafeteria and gossipy co-workers were right there to enjoy - right there within the building. They didn't get it. Every day since I quit I'm glad I did.
  83. I've only had one pedicure in my life... and never a manicure.
  84. I didn't start wearing make-up consistently until I was 22 years old. I still get bored or forget about it a lot.
  85. The entire time I lived in Texas, I fought against saying "y'all". Now, I don't even try to hide that I use it way more often than necessary.
  86. Dr Laura is my homegirl.
  87. Jesus is not my homeboy, as much as the cheap lousy t-shirt industry would like me to believe. He's my redeemer, lover, savior and Lord.
  88. I vote for Kate and Sawyer on LOST. I think they get each other.
  89. My favorite beer is Carlsberg, followed closely by Sam Adams Boston Lager and Heineken. I need to branch out and try more kinds, though. I have a tendency to stick with the safe old faithfuls.
  90. I milked Nubian goats twice a day for a year in high school.
  91. I know how to frame a structure.
  92. I can use a chainsaw.
  93. I'm a pretty good shot, although I've never killed anything bigger than a ground squirrel.
  94. I'm very affected by smells. Old, bad, good, clean... my mood can change with one whiff.
  95. I hate being late. I'm usually late at least 25% of the time, though.
  96. My favorite old hymn is Come Thou Fount, followed closely by Be Thou My Vision.
  97. Sports fascinate me. However, unless theres people in my life who care, I eventually lose interest as well. If there's nothing else on, I will watch SportsCenter though.
  98. Home stores, like Pier One and Pottery Barn, hold a weird fascination for me. Maybe it's my thwarted nesting instinct, who just wants to make a mad grab for candles and dishes and pillows and homey things...
  99. I've hauled and unloaded about 4 tons of hay in an afternoon by myself.
  100. My right eyelid droops a little more than my left, and I have a scar there - thanks to hauling hay and the accompanying hooks involved.
Annnnnnd.... we're done. I tag Val and Julie, because I like to read their responses to stuff like this, and because I can. Haha.