Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Seven Dwarves - Happy

Happy and Grumpy are two dwarves at war. One is perpetually, foolishly optimistic, one is bull-headedly, arms-folded-leave-me-alone, pointing his face stubbornly in the opposite direction. Oddly enough, I think most of us have each one warring for space in the cozy little living rooms of our soul - one wants to play loud music while washing dishes, the other grumbles about it. One gives hugs freely and compliments others on adorable hats and awesome shoes, the other isolates himself with a "harumph" and silently wonders how one could be so foolish as to spend good money on pointy toes and heels.

Today, as most days, I'm trying to help Happy out a bit in his fight for prime Dani Real Estate. The trouble is, he's so dang good-natured that he won't actually beat Grumpy up or shake him down to size, even though I'm convinced he could take him. He just waltzes around admiring the scenery and making pleasant remarks. Dang happiness.

Anyway, I keep whispering little tips to him as to how to slowly edge Grumpy out... we're working on it.... Now if only we had little opposite dwarves for Dopey and Sneezy, like say, "Alert" and "Clear-breathing". They would come in handy.

Anyway, on to everybody's favorite feature, the bulleted list - this time about things that make me Happy:

  • Early mornings.
  • Sunrises and Sunsets.
  • Being outside. I could be walking down a sidewalk and I'm happier than inside.. although actually being outside and out of the city is pretty sweet.
  • Ambient lighting. No fluorescents for this girl. I love pretty light fixtures and soft golden light.
  • Home-made oatmeal raisin cookies. My favorite. Actually, I just like home-made cookies of any variety.
  • Flowers. Especially sunflowers and daisies. But you knew that. I kinda say it a lot. :)
  • Gmail chat.
  • Feeling creative
  • Feeling competent and valued.
  • Black lids on lattes. White lids are boring. They're for Starbucks and well, the birds, since everything dumb is for them. Black lids are so classy.
  • Cheezits and Diet Coke. Perfect afternoon snack.
  • Rainy/foggy days - especially if I get a chance to curl up with hot coffee and some inspiration.
  • Golden Spoon in the summertime.
  • Long talks - feeling understood and heard.
  • Horses. I love just about everything about them. Specifically the Paint Mare, specifically at Badger Creek Ranch. Actually, almost everything about Badger Creek Ranch makes me happy. I love the camaraderie, the deep appreciation for and knowledge about the horses, the pace of life, the smell of sagebrush in the rain, summer thunderstorms, knowing where I belong, mountains so close you can touch them, the heavy jangle of spurs on my boots, and the admiring young riders who look up to their wranglers to give them an opportunity to accomplish their greatest dream - to actually ride a horse.
  • One-armed photos.
  • Emails/phone calls/facebook posts/blog comments/gmail chats to and from my dear, far away friends. I love knowing that I can always talk to you.
  • Worship.
  • Kayaking.
  • Farmer's Markets.
  • LOST
  • Smelly stuff - soap, shampoo, hair products, candles.... yeah. I'm a girl. I can't help it.
  • Swimming in the Ocean. I have been known to duck under a wave and come up laughing for sheer joy. The Pacific has been a part of my earliest and most treasured memories... and I'm always convinced that everybody needs to learn how to swim in it. At least once.
  • New books.
  • Magazines. I'm always finding new favorites.
  • My family. Crazy? Yes. Fun? No doubt.
  • Small towns.
  • Cowboys, ranchers, farmers, mechanics, bakers, baristas, and blue-collar people in general. So many stories...
  • The first snow of winter.
  • Wildflowers.
  • Home stores. Particularly ones in which there are oodles of adorable things that I can afford.
  • Working in the shop.
  • Bristle-y kisses and quality time from a certain Somebody.
  • Hot D Dates.
  • Writing.
  • Christmas morning.
  • Getting tan.
  • Cute shoes.
  • Baseball caps with ponytail holes.
Obviously, I could keep going.... and I'm a lot Happier now than when I started. Maybe this is my new plan to help out Happy with his joyful takeover... with all this niceness floating around, Grumpy'll probably skeedaddle of his own accord. Actually, I think he just did.

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Adam said...

Keep going! ....good ridance grumpy.