Monday, January 21, 2008

Flattery? Anyone?

Okay, guys, I need your help. (Yes, you. All three of you.)

I've written some restaurant reviews for a Hungry? Thirsty? guide to Orange County, and they want a bio/self-advertisement about yours truly for the guide. It has to be 40-60 words and hopefully convince the reader that I am the girl they want for glittering, moving, breath-taking, fabulous prose.

The trouble is, I have to write this little spot of genius, and it's a little awkward to write about myself, even if it will get me the chance at some other (grossly overpaid) freelance opportunities... or a byline. You really don't need to pay me. I'll take a byline. Really.

Anyways, if anyone has a sentence or two about my writing style, something you've liked from the blog, something you think I should say about myself or something I should cover up, now's the time to share. Because I have a Word document with my name at the top, and that's about as far as I've gotten, so I obviously need some help.

"You are... my biggest fan."
~Guy Patterson, That Thing You Do!


Ashley N said...

Ok, I've been trying to think of something to write but then realized the reason I can't is not because you are untalented (I am constantly amazed by your writing talent) but because I, unlike you, am not an eloquent writer. I don't know how to word it better, other then just to say you are great...go ahead, just toot your own horn :)

ShesThatOneGirl said...

Ok... here are some ideas?
NO. I'm at a loss. .But I will think about it further and get back to you! There are A LOT of great things about you and your writing style!!

Dennis said...

Dani can write with a voice so gentle and sweet as to make a friend of every reader. Although, at times, she can produce a general start and expressions of surprise.

Her literary charm stems from the purity of her mind combined with the quiet of her conscience, which, allows her to express her unique perspectives about our busy world. While her illustrations convey a tangy sense of humor, it is easy to see that they are combined with strong convictions and effervescent sentiment. All of this packaged in well-reasoned thought.

Thanks, Dani! Keep up the good work!
PS - Just change the 3rd person references to 1st person via me, myself, and I.