Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Today, friends and countrymen, I turn 24. I can't really say that I feel older... but 24 definitely sounds older. (You're thinking, "Of course it sounds older than 23, learn to count!" But it really does.) I said that it sounds older to one of my friends who recently turned 30, and she gave me an "oh GOSH, you're KIDDING me, you freaking young thing, go back to the playground," look. And when I told another friend this who turned 24 a few months ago, he called me a jackass, which, although I'm sure it made him feel better, was not very nice. Anyways, I digress.

(Oh, one more thought. 24 also sounds cool because it has to do with Jack Bauer, who makes everything AWESOME.)

At any rate, in honor of being 24, I will now list 24 things that I learned in my 23rd year of life. Glean what wisdom you may.

  1. Go backpacking. In the woods.
  2. Always shop at Trader Joe's. Your tummy will thank you.
  3. Umbrellas are unneccessary. Enjoy the rain - we all know you're not made of sugar.
  4. A room of one's own really is important.
  5. In-N-Out after midnight is usually NOT a good idea.
  6. Hanging out with cool people after midnight, however, always is.
  7. Gmail chat is one of the greatest inventions ever.
  8. Speaking of Gmail, everything Google does is amazing.
  9. Write it down! You think you will never forget - but you do. Having those memories in black and white is so comforting.
  10. Worry less, live more. (No, I haven't figured this one out yet. I'm a work in progress.)
  11. To-Do Lists will keep you sane.
  12. When all else fails, when you're tired, or any other time of the day or night: go to the beach.
  13. Watch the sun set.
  14. No matter the span, time with your best friends is time well-spent.
  15. It snows in Texas.
  16. Guys get together primarily to eat beef and make wisecracks at Monday Night Football. Football is just part of the mix.
  17. Hip-hop concerts are a hard sell in Irvine. It's not quite the 'hood.
  18. Tyrone Wells. 'Nuff said.
  19. The Paint Mare remembers me. I love my horses.
  20. The Firecracker Roll at Mosun's is the best Sushi roll ever.
  21. Taking PCH from San Fransisco to So. Cal. takes forever. Pretty, though.
  22. Double-check your keys before you go into a very old, deserted warehouse - or at the very least, take a cell phone.
  23. Sing.
  24. Love people.


Adam said...

ALL SO TRUE!!! Except for #11, ToDo lists will keep YOU sane. They will make me insane.

ShesThatOneGirl said...

Jeepers! You learned a lot... And I am totally with you! Sounds like a year well spent... I hope 24 is EVEN better!

Jaci said...

you're so wise now that you're 24 :)

Katie said...

Happy belated 24th, Dani Lin! It does sound older, doesn't it? I hope you learn as much this year as you learned last year. :) I love you.